Are you ready for some outdoor adventures in the heart of the Texas Hill Country? If you’re an adventure seeker and a fitness enthusiast, you can’t miss the Kerrville Triathlon. The event takes place in the beautiful town of Kerrville, Texas, surrounded by rolling hills, limestone cliffs, and the Guadalupe River. The Kerrville Triathlon is a celebration of endurance, speed, and determination, and a must-attend event for all triathletes and outdoor enthusiasts. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the Kerrville Triathlon, including the race courses, schedule, accommodations, and tips to make the most of your experience.

1. Race Courses
The Kerrville Triathlon offers three race courses, tailored for all experience levels and fitness abilities. The Sprint Distance Triathlon is a 500-meter swim, 14-mile bike ride, and a 5K run. The Quarter Distance Triathlon is an 880-yard swim, 28-mile bike ride, and a 6.6-mile run. The Half Distance Triathlon is a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike ride, and a 13.1-mile run. All races start and finish at the Louise Hays Park, overlooking the picturesque Guadalupe River. The courses will take you through winding roads, challenging hills, and scenic vistas of the Texas Hill Country. The Kerrville Triathlon is a USAT-sanctioned event, ensuring fair competition and quality standards.

2. Schedule
The Kerrville Triathlon takes place over three days, from Friday to Sunday, in September. On Friday, you can pick up your race packet at the Expo, located at the Inn of the Hills. On Saturday, the Sprint Distance and Quarter Distance races take place, followed by the Awards Ceremony. On Sunday, the Half Distance race takes place, followed by the Finish Line Party and Awards Ceremony.  For the most updated schedule, click here:

3. Accommodations
Kerrville offers a wide range of accommodations for all budgets and preferences, from campsites and rustic cabins to luxurious resorts. For nature lovers and those looking to escape the city, Basecamp Resort offers kayaking, swimming, a hiking trail, fishing, hot tub soaking and wildlife watching, for a memorable pre- or post-race experience. Check us out at

4. Tips
To make the most of your Kerrville Triathlon experience, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind. First, make sure you train properly for the race, as the courses can be challenging, especially the hills. Second, hydrate and fuel yourself well, before, during, and after the race, to avoid cramps and fatigue. Third, pack wisely for the race, including your race gear, nutrition, hydration, and safety items. Fourth, arrive early on race day, to avoid the crowds, get a good spot in the transition area, and warm up properly. Finally, enjoy the race and the scenery, and don’t forget to smile for the cameras!

The Kerrville Triathlon is a one-of-a-kind event, blending athleticism, nature, and community, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete or a beginner, the Kerrville Triathlon has something to offer for everyone. From the challenging race courses and the festive atmosphere to the gorgeous landscapes and the friendly locals, the Kerrville Triathlon is an experience you’ll never forget. So mark your calendar, pack your gear, and head to Kerrville for the adventure of a lifetime!

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