Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

No need for a long intro as you want to know what not to forget when planning your wedding so we start right away.

Pick the right date

You definitely don’t want to plan your wedding at important days like the birthday of one of your or your groom’s parents, or at a local national holiday, or a massive event so choose wisely.

Check your finances

Decide on how you want to pay for every aspect of your wedding if you have a zero-interest credit card you might want to check if you get air miles on that which could save you a lot of money during your honeymoon.

Cut down on guests

If you are on a budget you might want to trim your list, there’s no need to invite your whole hockey team to your wedding, and neither do all of the bar patrons of your husband have to attend your wedding, just a few close friends and essential family members are more than plenty to have a blast.

Ask for discounts

If you don’t ask, you don’t get, and that applies to everything, whether it’s the wedding photographer that you hire or the band that comes playing, the same applies to the catering service. Although they don’t always offer discounts you could ask your photographer for a few extra photos or an extra hour instead.

Don’t plan too far ahead

Sure you don’t want to miss out but you can make a list of wedding photographers well in advance and it’s very likely that if you wait up till three days in advance that they are willing to provide some discounts as they have no job on hand. Most photographers only do a few weddings per month so they are available at a last-minute basis.

Not everyone will attend

When you invite people to your wedding it’s only natural that 15-20% doesn’t show up so keep this in mind when booking, If you plan a large wedding that fits 100 people you can easily invite 115 people and in the very worst case one has to stand during the reception. So be it if it can save you a lot of money.

Provide a roadmap

It’s always good to plan out what you are going to do that day and where everyone is expected each hour of the day but make sure you also create an actual map of the locations that are easy to understand. This way you won’t miss out on any guests by accident.