When to Switch From Your Basement to a Real Office

Nothing matches the comfort you get working from your basement. A home office is always the best place to start your business especially when you have limited resources. We all know that renting office space for a new business is not easy. The average office space cost per employee keeps rising every year, and co-working spaces still need some level of investment and commitment. If you decide to move too soon, you may end up wasting a lot of cash which can be used on something else. Let us discuss some of the things that indicate you are ready to move to a real office.

A Steady Income

Even if you are desperate to move to a new place, you cannot do this without money. You must have a secure flow of cash to ensure you do not get stranded in the financial year. If you don’t have enough money to facilitate a shift, stop right there! For as long as your home is still convenient for your business, do not be in a rush to get a real office.

The Need for a Professional Image

When starting a business, you only need a few people to spearhead your vision. At this point, your professional image does not matter. As the company grows, you need to create a good picture of your customers and competitors. You cannot achieve this with a home office. With an office in the basement of your home, it will be difficult to recruit the right calibre of talent for your business. With a limited budget, you can start by renting a co-working space for recruits as you make plans for bigger office space.  This gives your business the perfect balance and helps you to retain most of your employees.

Low Productivity Levels

The work environment is one of the factors that contribute to employee productivity. Having a wonderful office space is always exciting for team members. Moving from your basement may be the only way to eliminate some of the distractions found in a home office. If your organization requires technology to thrive, it may be a challenge installing some devices in a basement due to space and convenience constraints.  This makes it impossible to get work done, and it can be a sign that you need to move.

The Need for a Larger Workforce

No basement can be big enough for a growing business. Not having desk space for each of your employees can be a real nightmare. As the business grows, so will the team. Space may become too small to accommodate big numbers. If this is the case with your home office, then you need to make alternative arrangements for your staff. An expert has made a post about top employee complaints who work with a home office owner.