Understanding the Different Kinds of Hard Armor Plates

Hard body armor provides you with the utmost level of protection you need for a wide range of firearms. While soft body armor gives you the protection you need for handguns, it isn’t enough because there are high-powered rifles that can easily pierce the armor.

You need hard armor plates for extra protection that cannot be offered by its soft counterpart.

Hard armor from a company Plate Carrier Zone can protect you against both the handgun bullets and rifle rounds. Some of the armor is effective against weapons of military calibre. This armor is ideal for police officers, corrections officers, security and military personnel. This armor also withstands blades such as swords and arrows, something that the soft armor cannot withstand.

The armor is made of different materials, which we explore in this article.

Metal Plates

These have been used for armor plates for many decades, since the middle ages. These plates are strong, hard and durable and widely available. The only drawback is that the metal plates are heavy. They are also too rigid that armor made of metal plates is uncomfortable.

Ceramic Plates

Ceramic is known for its durability, strength, and resilience. Due to this, it is used to create body armor. This material is better than metal because it is far much lighter without sacrificing the stopping and impact dispersion powers it provides. As much as it is light, it still provides the same durability, strength and stopping power that metal delivers. You get to enjoy the best protection without the added weight.

Dynamo Plates

These are the lightest of all the materials used to make hard armor plates. If you are looking for armor to wear for an extended period, then this is the right one to choose among the ones available. The material is also hardy and protects you from a wide range of handguns, rifles and military grade weapons.

Conclusion: So, Which One is The Best?

Choosing the best armor depending on the material is all up to the situation at hand, the budget and what you wish to stop. If you are going into a situation that requires you to wear the armor for a better part of the day, then the Dynamo plates are the best. However, if you don’t mind the weight, then you can go for any of the other two. The budget also dictates what you choose, because these armors come in different sizes at different prices.