Types Of Posts That Get Low Engagement On Instagram

You may be having thousands of followers on your Instagram page but whenever you publish content, you get no likes or comments or just a few of them. Your competitors might be getting high engagement levels and at the same time, they have fewer followers than your account. Is it something to do with your personality or is it that you are products are not right for the market? These are some of the questions that run through the minds of many business owners like you. The answer lies in the type of posts you make. The following are some of the posts that get low engagement levels.

    1. Low-quality graphics and grammatical errors

Instagram focuses more on visuals and your post must have either an image or a video. We now have smartphones with cameras capable of taking high-quality photos. No one will be attracted to a photo that cannot show the fine details of the product in question. Do not shy away from hiring a professional photographer for your shoot if you doubt your photo taking abilities. The captions also need to communicate a message as well. Do not give your customers a hard time trying to figure out what you want to communicate.

    1. Recycled content

If people have seen a similar post on another account, chances of engaging on your account are very low. Instagram users are always looking for fresh content that can educate them and give them actionable tips. Ensure that your content is fresh and protect it from copying through watermarking using your logo or hashtags. Ensure that the hashtags that you use are relatable and rhyme well with your content. You can post old content for nostalgia purposes but ensure that you indicate so on your timeline.

    1. Content that is not trendy

Instagram stories have changed how people communicate and those who understand how they work are enjoying the space. The stories appear on the top of the feed which tempts people to click on them. You can alert people of in-depth posts on your timeline through the stories because the feed will be available forever while the stories disappear after 24 hours.

Once you get rid of such type of content, then it is time to grow your Instagram account. Companies such as Managed Social can help you grow your account organically without risk of termination. The only task is making engaging posts and the bot manages the engagement.