Types of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors come in many types and styles. You shall find a hardwood floor type that suits any room of the house. Before you choose what each room should receive in terms of flooring, make sure you understand the different pros and cons of each kind. Let us look at the different kinds of flooring and what they offer you.


These have become the most popular type of hardwood flooring over time. The main reason is because this kind of wood is easy to install because the wood comes when it is ready for use. All the technician has to do is to lay down the floor panels and make a few cuts then fit them.


Unfinished means just that – you have to work towards making it the best floor. You have to decide the kind of finishing you want and implement it. You need to perform sanding, buffering, staining and coating the floor. This takes time and labor.

If you plan to sell the building soon, this is the floor you should go for. The new tenants choose the floor color.

Solid Wood

This was popular until a few years back due to the challenge of installation and removal. This comes in various types, strip, plank and parquet. The easiest to install is strip.

Engineered Wood

This kind of hardwood flooring material is made out of multiple layers of veneer. The multiple layers are held together by strong glue. This design makes the wood strong and sturdy. Each veneer adds some strength to the whole assembly making it strong and durable.

This arrangement allows you to use a single veneer to define the look of the floor. For instance you can opt for a topmost layer made of birch, and the rest of the layers made of oak. This mix gives you durability of birch with the strong support of oak.

This type of wood withstands a wide variety of environments. They can handle extreme temperature and humidity as well as spills. They are ideal for basements. Extremely seriously, these floors also clean well, a fact that is echoed across all types.

Impregnated Wood

This is similar to prefinished floors, except they are built out of a special process. The resulting planks are durable and strong. They work well in areas with high traffic.


Take time to understand the kind of hardwood material for your home. Take time to understand the benefits of each floor and pick the best.