Three Best Food Processor Blender Combo Reviews

Possession of a food processor as well as a blender in your kitchen can provide you with the best cooking experience. However, choosing on a device that has both the appliances will assist you save on the space. Therefore, shopping for the best food processor blender combo should be among your top priorities next you would be out shopping. In our discussion below, we have reviewed some of the best food processor combos for you.

Ninja ultima kitchen system

To begin with, the Ninja ultima kitchen system features a dual stage blending type of technology with a number of attachments. The technology uses two sets of blades working at different speeds. The blades start by crushing larger ingredients into smaller sizes and then proceed to liquefy them. in addition, the system comes with 64 ounces jar in which you can perform various tasks including mixing of pizza, chopping of the fresh ingredients as well as mixing of cookie dough just to mention some of them. The system has a 1500-watt motor that helps in powering this machine. Some of the attachments that accompany the unit are the reversible slider or the shredder disc, dough blade as well as the stainless steel blade that assists in chopping of the ingredients. For purposes of blending, the unit has a 72 ounces jar with two Nitra cups that you can use to create smoothies and other drinks rich in vitamins.

Cuisinart FP -14 Elite Collection food processor

Cuisinart FP -14 Elite Collection food processor is among the best food processor blender combos unit that you can shop for family use. The 1000 watts unit makes use of an induction motor. The gadget features bested bowl technology with three different sizes of bowls (14, 11 and 4-size cups). You can have all the ingredients placed inside the unit at the same time for processing. It has control option that indicates pulse, off, on and dough. The large feeding chute provided assists in saving on cutting time when using the device. Furthermore, it has three blades that include two large stainless steel type of blades and one dough blade as well as two discs. The discs include the adjustable slicing blade and the reversible shredding disc. You can perform a number of tasks with this processor, thanks to the numerous attachments provide on it.

Hamilton beach 58149 blender and chopper

Hamilton beach 58149 blender and chopper features a powerful motor that offers 700 watts. Just as the name suggests, you can use this devices as a chopper or blender depending on your needs. It has a five-cup jar for blending purposes with a mess free spout. The strong stainless steel blades on the device can crush ice without leaving any chunk within the jar. The wave action system that accompanies the machine enables for continuous pulling as well as mixing of the various ingredients to come up with quality and smooth blends at the end. Its control panel has two speeds together with two pulse options. For purposes of cleaning, the gadget comes with an easy clean feature.