New to Twitter? Read This!

Twitter is fast becoming one of the most popular social media platforms. Not everyone is getting the results that they want though. So, if you’ve just signed up, these tidbits will enable you to make the most out of the platform.

Buy Followers

Relax! You can purchase Twitter followers! Sure, you must be asking yourself – isn’t it against the platform terms of service to buy followers. Okay, here is the thing – you can purchase followers, but you must be tactful with the way you do it to avoid raising the alarm. Visit to discover Social10x and how the service can help you get your first followers on Twitter.


Growing your Twitter account goes beyond getting followers. You have to like other people tweets, retweet and so on. Most importantly, you must Tweet consistently to remain relevant and create enough engagement. So, be sure to use a scheduling tool to enable you to post your Tweets at peak times even when you don’t log into your account. Think of it as a strategy to improve your visibility.

Find Ways to Create Engagement

Engagement is essential on Twitter as it is with any other social media platform. Sure, connecting with mutual friends is critical, but you must engage with non-followers to build credibility. Keep in mind that the more the engagement, the easier is to make your brand discoverable.

Create List

You must keep your feed organized to make the most out of it. So, be sure to set up a Twitter list in a way that enables you to attract relevant users. Even more impressive, creating lists allows you to stay up to date with followers who add more value to your marketing efforts.

Work on your Profile

Your Twitter profile has to be impressive. Remember that is what a potential follower will look before deciding whether to link up with you or not. So, use a tasteful image. And, whenever, possible, make sure that it is consistent with the rest of your social networks. Of course, the information in your bio has to be accurate, with a header and an image.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to struggle to find your footing on Twitter. At times it is the little tweaks that make the most significant difference. Don’t forget to use images to give your followers something to share. After all, available data shows that Tweets with images are likely to generate 313% more engagement in comparison to those with no images.