Moving to a New Office? Proper Setup is Essential

It’s one thing finding the ideal office space and another thing setting it up for use. With the right setup you can function at the peak, and productivity is optimum. Your employees work in an environment that is suitable for the various tasks.

The First Steps

The first steps in any office setup are to pick the right location and have an idea of when you are moving. You then plan on the move, inform your employees about the impending shift and all that.

Choosing the office depends on a number of factors that you need to consider. The size of the office, the location, parking spaces, and accessibility. You also need to consider the security of the area so that you don’t get burglarized on your first day at work.

You also need to make sure the building fits the construction codes within the local area. Depending on your future needs, you should consider the available space for expansion.


An important aspect of any office space is the utilities it contains. Make sure the office is fitted with all plumbing utilities that are working properly. This happens during the inspection tour of the building. You also need to know about electrical wiring and the reliability of power supply in the area.

All these happen during the inspection of premises before you sign the lease agreement. Make sure you repair any issues before you move into the office.

Installation of Equipment

Every office has unique needs depending on the tasks it handles in the office. Some will need powerful air conditioners while some will need special shelves. So, you need to outline the items you need and find the right people to fit them in your office before you start work.

The equipment needs to be installed and tested prior to use by your employees. This helps enhance the safety of your employees as they begin work.

Office Setup

The office might have several rooms, or just one. Either way, you need to decide where each employee sits and what purpose each room serves. This makes it easy for you to direct the movers regarding where to place the items from the old office.

The Clean Up

Nothing is as appealing to customers as a neat, well-arranged and clean environment. The cleanliness of the office serves as the first impression to your clients. This is why you need to make use of professional cleaning services.

One of the challenging items to clean in any office is the windows. Windows tend to attract dust easily and get smudged easily too as well. Even with all these, they are the most overlooked parts of any office when it comes to cleaning due to one reason – they aren’t easy to clean. This is why you need to enlist the services of a professional window cleaning service to handle this task for you. Check out  to know how the process works.

In Closing

The look of your new office dictates how the client regards your services. Make sure you set it up perfectly ready for business.