Indicators That Your Social Media Campaigns Are Ready For Automation

Nothing can replace a good marketing strategy, and that is why startups and established brands as well set aside a budget for marketing. Technological advancements and the new internet age are moving people towards digital marketing, and it is already marking its ground. Social media is among the most popular forms of digital marketing as it has more reach when compared to others such as email marketing and sales funnels. Instagram tops among the most popular social platforms and no wonder the developers are working tirelessly towards rolling new features. The following are indicators that your social media marketing campaign needs automation.

    1. You spend so much time on social media

Instagram and other platforms can be addictive, and research shows that an average person spends at least three hours in a day on social media. You may be tempted to follow each story that comes to your feed which leaves you with no time to work on policies or even strategize how to increase sales. You can automate your marketing and only deal with those areas that need human interaction. You can set several hours in a week where you engage your customers through a Q & A session and address all their burning issues.

    1. You find the process of searching for hashtags time-consuming

Hashtags are very important as make your posts more visible to all the people following the trending topics. However, some topics trend for several hours while others can others can trend for days or even weeks. Your potential customers are already following these hashtags and failure to include them on your posts narrows your chances of meeting new customers. An automation tool can save you the hustle of searching for trending topics. The bot will follow industry leaders and generate the most relevant topics that relate to your niche.

    1. You do not want to hire a full-time social media manager

You may not be having enough funds to set up a marketing department especially when you are starting out. You can automate your social media campaigns using various tools. Check out various reviews for automation tools to ensure that you get a service you deserve. Some services like mass planner are no longer in existence because they violated Instagram’s terms of use. However, there are several alternatives like jarvee as listed on The Small Business Blog. The automation tool will do most of the basic stuff, and thus you can focus on other aspects of your business.