How to Get Targeted Followers on Instagram

If you are utilizing Instagram tool for business, you aim to reach and get the attention of as many customers and potential ones. Having a more targeted audience makes sure many people read your message and increase the opportunity to drive sales and traffic to your landing page.

But you need to do more to get the target audience you crave for. Here are the various ways you can do this.

Let People Know You are On Instagram

Has someone ever told you that they are on Instagram but however much you search for them you can’t seem to find their profiles or read something they have posted? This is because they might be on the platform but trending under a different name than what you are used to.

So, first of all, tell the customers that you are on Instagram and that you are using a specific name. This can be as simple as mentioning it to a person or even in comments. It is also a good practice to include the Instagram handle on all the media that you have – landing page, blog, website, fliers, pamphlets and more. This makes it easy for people to find and follow you.

Promote It on Other Platforms

Don’t just restrict yourself to Instagram; you can promote the account on other social networks as well. This makes it easy for interested parties to find you and follow you. Rather than share all the content you post on Instagram on other social media pages that you run, share a few and then invite the interested parties to check out the rest of the content on your Instagram account.

Leverage the Power of Contests

If you want to get more followers consistently on Instagram, come up with contests and let the winners have something that will promote your brand. Rewarding Instagram followers with exclusive items encourages them to follow you, and they also tell others to follow you to take part in the promotions.

However, make sure that the prizes that you offer are directly related to your customers and businesses. Giving away something that is different from what you market doesn’t give you a targeted audience.

Know Your Hashtags

Whatever the niche, there are a lot of events that are related to it. These events have hashtags that you use to find the events or any other thing that relates to the niche. These can be seminars or conferences, or celebrations. Whatever the case, you need to find the relevant hashtags and follow them.

By now you also know that your content is searchable using the kind of hashtags that you use. Many users come on the platform to search for content, and they do this using various specific hashtags that you need to use in the captions of the posts that you put up.

You can add the hashtags in the comments as well, when you answer a question, give a response or leave an opinion. With proper hashtags, you are sure to attract the right kind of audience.

Bot It!

One of the best ways to get targeted followers is to use an auto liker and follower. This tool allows you to like and follow users depending on certain criteria. The tool identifies the users to follow and does it on your behalf. Fred Harrington controversially recommends different auto likers and auto followers bots so that you can choose what suits your need.

In Closing

When it comes to creating a targeted audience, you need to use various strategies that are intended to find and attract a specific group of people to your posts and accounts.