Home Made Nut Butter – Understand the Different Kinds

Nut butter is deceptively easy and quick to make, all you need is the right kind of tool for the task. If you have a suitable food processor or one that comes as part of an all-in-one station, all that remains is to assemble the ingredients, and you are good to go. Let us look at the different kinds of nut butter you can make using the food processor  Instagram,Facebook,Twitter.

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Peanut Butter

This is the most popular butter that you can make. This only requires you to have roasted peanuts. Place the desired amount of peanuts in the work bowl and use the multipurpose blade to work the peanuts till it reaches the preferred consistency. That’s all you need. You can opt to add some oil to the butter to give it that creamy feel. Add a pinch of salt to give it the desired taste.

Cashew Butter

Cashew nuts make an excellent, nutritious butter best for the whole family. A good thins about this butter is that you don’t have to add extra oil to make it extra-smooth. Put a certain amount of the cashew nuts in the work bowl and turn the processor on. Process the nuts until creamy, and then add salt as desired.

Almond Butter

You can use roasted or raw almonds to make this butter. Only opt for raw almonds if you have a high-end food processor. If you don’t own one, then you can opt for roasted nuts. Follow the same instructions when making this kind of butter as when making peanut butter because these two nuts have a similar consistency.

Sunflower Seed Butter

This isn’t a nut, but it results into nut butter that resembles nut butter in nutrition, consistency, and flavor. The best thing about sunflower is that it has low-fat content than nuts making it a low-fat addition to your diet. Process some sunflower seeds to the required consistency then add some oil before processing to a creamy consistency. Add some salt to taste.

Final Thoughts

Nut butter is a healthy and nutritious addition to any food. It contains both proteins and oils to give you the nutrients you need for a healthy body. You can enjoy a variety of these butters when you have the right food processor.