Get the Right Drill Bit for Your Work Piece

When it comes to choosing the right drill bit, first consider carefully what kind of material you want to cut into. Steel bits will work fine for metal, but if you need to drill into other materials as well, such as porcelain, wood or glass, you will need a more specialized type of bit. Read this knockout post to find out more; and get the gist here:

High speed drilling

Steel bits with a tungsten carbide tip are strong enough to cut through concrete, stone and brick. Drill bits made of high carbon steel are the perfect choice for cutting into metals and hard woods alike. This type of material is quite resistant and does not require much maintenance.

Alternatively, you can choose a titanium bit, as it has similar properties. Titanium is better than high carbon steel when you need to make high speed drills, as it can withstand high temperatures without becoming ineffective. However, high carbon steels are harder and stronger than titanium.

When you need to drill into stainless steel and other really hard materials, you will need a drill bit that can handle incredibly high speeds and temperatures. You have a choice between cobalt and high speed steel.

The extreme hardness of cobalt makes it an excellent option for cutting hard materials high speed steel fails to drill into. That’s because cobalt can manage even higher temperatures than high speed steel can. However, it is expensive and has a short lifespan, which further increases the costs. One trick to reduce the heat resulted from drilling is to apply a lubricant on your drill bit before you get to work.

Unlike high carbon steel bits, low carbon steels are best for drilling into wood only, as the material they are made of is softer. Its pointed tip also requires regular sharpening, but this kind of bit is more affordable than the other types of materials available. This being said, those of you who need to cut through all types of wood rather than just through soft wood can use high-speed steels instead.

Precision drilling

All of the materials listed above are great for penetrating soft and hard work pieces. Nonetheless, when the precision of your drills is what matters the most, look for a zirconium bit, or at least for one with a zirconium coating. This type of coating can be used on all bit materials, including on hard ones like steel.