Factors That Affect Hair Growth

The way you style your hair will be the first thing that people will always note every time you meet them. There may be some heredity features that will determine how you appear, but there are some practices that will play a part in your overall appearance. Your desire may be to have shiny and glowing hair, but you always find it hard achieving this. The following are the factors that affect the growth of your hair

Bath routines

The way you clean your hair has a direct impact on its growth and health. For instance, using excessively hot water may burn your skull and also affect the hair follicles. You need to use warm water as it helps you get rid of the notorious dirt from your head. Ensure that you press on your hair for it to dry instead of rubbing as the latter may lead to hair loss. Washing your hair several times in a day is not healthy as it affects the normal growth patterns and damages hair follicles.

Your feeding habits

You have to take the right meals if you want to have hair that people can fall in love with. Take a lot of vegetables and fruits as they come with precious nutrients for hair growth. Remaining hydrated also makes it possible for your hair to glow from far. You can learn more about the positive impact of water on hair growth using this link. Ensure that you take foods that are rich proteins as they are the building blocks for hair. Look for those foods with high levels of Vitamin H and zinc as they help in collagen formation.

Your mental health

Many people do not know how the state of their mental health affects other parts of the body. There may be stressing situations in your life, such as relationship issues, work-related challenges, and even societal problems. Stress in some cases may lead to depression and in extreme cases lead to hair loss. People who are depressed sometimes end up neglecting their bath routines, and you may find yourself heading down this route.

As you can see, you can have control over most of these factors or influence them in some ways. Having attractive hair will boost your confidence levels and make it easy to interact with people. You have to understand the texture of your hair to determine the approach to take when it comes to styling.