Different materials used in floor paving

Choosing the type of paver that best suit your need requires special techniques and may be a difficult task but knowing the various types of pavers on the market and their characteristics will make it interesting. There are various types materials which pavers are made from such as the natural stone paver, rubber paver, concrete paver, clay brick paver, and grass paver. These common types are suitable for residential and commercial projects. Selecting any of these depends on you. However, before selecting any of these you need to consider the color, shapes, and pattern that will complement and match the existing materials on your property. In this article, only the type of pavers on market will be discussed and if you are in need of direction and advice in making your selection, you can contact Driveways Nottingham.

Now, let us talk about the common types of pavers and their characteristics

Concrete Paver

This is 100% manmade, and is gotten from the mixture of two main components; the cement and the aggregates. It main advantage over the other types is that it can be constructed to withstand high traffic and harsh weathers unlike the natural stone paver and this makes it last longer than the other types. Another advantage is that it can be found in any color and can be made to resemble a stone paver and it is cost effective.

Natural Stone Paver

As it name implies, it is 100% natural. It is a perfect paving material to use because it will be durable and less expensive. They are gotten from stone quarries and are taken to the factory to be processed and cut into sizes and shapes. Stone pavers include limestone, bluestone, granite, cantera, travertine, marble and flagstone among others. Natural Stone Paver is suitable for use on garden steps, patio, swimming pool surrounds, and pathways. They can be found in different colors and sizes.

Grass paver

Grass pavers are made from grass and it can help to reduce cost of building drainage, pipes, culverts because it is permeable and it can soak away water into the soil after storm through a plastic grid placed before planting the grass. However, the grids are 100% plastic and it is constructed to withstand all types of weather condition and heavy traffic. The grass pavers are laid on the ground similar to a honeycomb and then the grasses are planted in each grid holes. This type of system is use in parking lots and recreational places.

Rubber Paver

They are made from rubber. They are environmentally friendly and because of it low slipping property they are usually installed in places like the gymnasium, playground, sporting arenas and areas where safety is required. It is cost effective, easy to install, require low or no maintenance, and are safe to use.

Clay Brick Paver

With this as the last on the list, It is made from natural clay which is burnt in a kiln at a very high temperature which is done to make sure all the manufacturing ingredient are bond together. Clay brick paver is one of the oldest types of paving materials and it has proven to be durable. However, it is less expensive and it requires low or no maintenance. Another advantage of clay paver over the others is it long lasting color vibrancy that can never fade because it is natural. Clay brick paver can be found in different sizes and shapes, ranging from the old rectangular shape to the bull nose, interlocking octagonal shapes and the boardwalk among others. It has a limited number of colors ranging from the common reds, browns, pink and charcoals.

These are the types of paving materials available for commercial and residential usage.